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PCA Program: Personal Care Assistant Program

Become A Licensed CNA in as fast as 3 weeks Program Overview

Program Overview

Are you just starting out and would love a career in nursing but want a quick training?

This paid training is a state-approved curriculum to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to give the best possible care to patients. CNA's assist patients with daily activities like exercise, walking, bathing, and grooming - usually in the patient’s home or in an assisted living facility. The course consists of 8-16 hours of on-the-job (and sometimes online training) over a 3-week training period. You will take a proctored test at the end of the course and receive a Lawrenceburg-issued CNA license when you pass the test successfully.

Program Benefits
Guidance: Get answers to your questions as you learn the material.
Certification: Get status as a Certified Nursing Assistant.
Pay increase: Get an increase in pay after receiving certification.
HS Diploma or GED
Intermediate computer skills
Able to multitask and meet deadlines
You must be an employee of Countryside
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AIT Program: Administrator in Training

Get Paid Training And Earn A Leadership Position.

Program Overview

A full-time state-approved program that varies in length and curriculum. You will receive on-the-job training in Countryside under the supervision of an experienced director. As an AIT, you will be expected to take on projects and responsibilities after mastering our processes.

Minimum 4 year degree
Expansive, caring and empathetic heart
Desire to give and help the community
Keen sense of business management
Strong sense of values and ethics
Leadership experience preferred
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Mentor Program

Guide A New Hire and earn more money

Program Overview

Mentor a new hire, helping them navigate their first year of employment successfully. You’ll receive a list of responsibilities to be completed within set timelines. When the responsibilities are successfully completed you qualify for a financial bonus.

Program Benefits
Earn more money doing what you are doing anyway.
Gain immense satisfaction from coaching a new hire.
Connect to a new colleague!
Available to Countryside team members employed full-time or part-time for at least one year.
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Peak Program

Learn & Earn More Do it online at your own pace

Program Overview

No matter your nursing level - whether CNA, LPN, or RN - you can learn more knowledge + skills through our internal, online do-at-your-own-pace classes! Learn, demonstrate your new abilities and receive a wage increase. Then, move up to the next program level to learn more skills and earn more.

Program Benefits
Guidance: Get answers to your questions as you learn the material
Learning: Advance your career by gaining more knowledge and skills
Pay increase: Increase your paycheck by completing the requirements
Available to Countryside team members employed full-time or part-time for at least 60 days.
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